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Dallas Psychotherapist, providing mental health counseling, that teaches critical skills to overcome stress and unpleasant feelings so you can live your best life!

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Meet The Owner

Chiffon Samuel MA LPC - Meet DFWLPC's Owner
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Are you suffering with depression, anxiety, or grief? Are you stressed out or struggling with self criticism, self abuse, loneliness, or contemplating the end of a relationship? Are you looking for CBT therapy? I have the experience, professional training, and education to partner with you on your journey to well-being.

"There's no way OUT but THROUGH"
- Robert Frost

Why Choose Therapy?

Personalized Attention Just For You

Psychotherapy or "Therapy" is the process of exploration with the intent to heal. Many people come to treatment when their responses to circumstances or choices have made their lives unbearable. While pain is a part of life, suffering doesn't have to be. I'm here to help you acquire the critical skills you need to navigate through life's demands.

Because making peace with your past is an investment in your future. There's no time like the present to start!

Why Choose Dallas-Fort Worth Licensed Professional Counseling (DFWLPC)?

Experience and Discretion

I understand that therapy is unique to each person. My background and experience is unique.
My standard is to provide each client with the highest quality of personalized care in a private and safe space free from insurance limitations. I am proud to have helped people from all walks of life!

I provide a safe space regardless of ethnicity, politics, race, religion, or sexual preference.

Prioritize your mental health, let me help you live your best life!


“I was experiencing a level of work related stress (I work in Emergency Medicine) which started affecting me and leading to burnout. Now I know how to manage it, thanks for an amazing experience, I am telling all my friends about you!”

-Current Client


“I struggle pretty bad with social anxiety and if that sounds like you, go see Chiffon. She knows what's up! I have been to several therapist but Chiffon is the best!”

-Current Client


“I do alright for myself and am a happy person but I needed someone to talk to when my father died. I had never tired therapy before but didn't know what else to do. I will just say this, I am VERY glad I did. Highly recommend DFWLPC!”

-Current Client






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